1 Brand 2 Decades 3 Eras - Where We Are From Toronto Postcard 

Hello World!

So you would like to know more about Jason Jackson?

Today we are a proud locally owned menswear store serving the Greater Toronto Area from our locations in Malvern Town Centre in Scarborough and Pickering Town Centre in Durham. But that was not always the case.

2001 - 2007 - The Clothing Line

Our humble beginnings started with a clothing line named Jason Jackson in 2001. Jason Jackson was the name chosen from a list of many we had considered. We felt Jason Jackson sounded nice, looked great when written, and was easy to say and remember. So we rolled with the name and created a collection of clothing all manufactured in Canada. With no social media at the time, it was promoted and sold directly to the customer from word-of-mouth sales throughout the city of Toronto and its suburbs. Quickly our sales grew, and we opened pop-up shops to sell our collection in malls, flea markets, and events.

2002 - 2015 - Urban Fashion Retailer

In the following year, we expanded into something permanent by opening a shop inside Morningside Mall. Jason Jackson was now an urban fashion retailer selling the hottest urban brands along with the Jason Jackson clothing line. We had great success and later expanded into additional shopping centres, including East York Town Centre, Parkway Mall, and Malvern Town Centre. From the expansion of the retail business and the decline of local manufacturers in Canada, we slowly retired the clothing line over the years. We now also dabbled into menswear, as we noticed the demands of our customers change as they got older.

2015 - Now - Menswear Fashion Retailer

Our menswear section began to show significant growth in sales with customers taking a greater interest than ever in menswear fashion. It had got our attention to look deeper into menswear fashion to see where we could find our niche. So we began to carefully listen to what our customers had to say and what they wanted. That insight helped us to bring more products that were not only bought but also loved by our customers. As the demand for these products grew, we knew we had to slowly transition our stores from urban fashion to a complete menswear store. In 2015, we finally did it! Jason Jackson became the menswear fashion retailer that it is today. With ongoing success, we have now expanded into two larger locations inside Malvern Town Centre, and Pickering Town Centre to best serve our customers. We are very appreciative of all the customers from day one to now for helping the Jason Jackson brand to keep moving forward. 

Thank You!

P.S. We may start making products again with the Jason Jackson branding. More to come... - With Love From Toronto Postcard